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Game Of Thrones T shirts and what To Expect in Season 8?

Game Of Thrones

At Thecityfans we finally gave into the idea of creating Game of Thrones T shirts. While working on the designs we went into the discussion and realized that Game of thrones season 7 has come and gone and we have since been itching to know what will happen in the Game of thrones finale season. Will the white walkers take over ? Is it Jon or Daenerys who will reign the iron throne?

Before you get into a new world of GOT predictions, don’t forget to check out our amazing designs for Game of Thrones T shirts which ranges from I Drink and I know Things, Winter is coming, King of the North, Khaleesi, and Crows before Hoes etc. There are lot of theories floating around, but one thing is for sure that we are not expecting season 8 till late 2018 or may be early 2019. We are going to predict the future of GOT based on the events which have already happened so a

1. Shortest Season and last chance to flaunt your GOT T shirts

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GOT Season 7 finally landed on us after a wait of over 1 long year and disappointed us with lesser number of episodes. Season 7 had 7 episodes and it is already declared that season 8 will have even fewer episodes. Rumors say the final season will be 6 episodes all together. Holy Shit! The Great War has Begun. So now you may have one last chance to flaunt your Game Of Thrones T shirts before the final war ends.

2. Jon and Daenerys have a kid.

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This accounts long back to season 1 when Daenerys comes to know that she could never be a mother and dragons are the only children she would ever have. During season 7 too Daenerys has been pretty adamant that the dragons are the only children she could ever have . She said this a lot this season. So much so, that now we think Perhaps Jon is right and the witch was wrong. Now that we know they have mingled we expect them to soon have an offspring to Targaryen Dynasty. Checkout out Tangaryen Game of Thrones T shirts here.

3. Jamie: The QueenSlayer?

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When Cersei was a girl, a witch saw Cersei’s future and told her she would marry the king and have 3 children all who would die, which came to be true. Now, one important fact which all the casual fans might not know about is mentioned in the book. The witch also warned her about the “Valonqar” . Valonqar means that her little brother would kill her. Jamie is younger than her twin sister by a few minutes and has left her side to fight in north without her. Jamie was the Kingslayer and with the momentum he is going with we fans wish that he becomes the Queenslayer. Check out My Watch has Ended Game of Thrones T shirts here.

4. Jon and Daenerys learn the Truth

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21 years after game of thrones was first published we fans have finally come to know that Jon’s actual name is Aegon Targaryen the legitimate son of the crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark . This is certain that at some point Jon and Daenerys will come to know the truth. This means that Jon , sorry Aegon has the strongest claim to the Iron Throne. Daenerys is not going to like that and we are pretty sure Jon will make some way to let Daenerys sit on the throne instead of him assuring that she stays the leader she has become of course. Check out our House Stark Game of Thrones T shirts here.

5. The Long Night has Come

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If you remember Game of Thrones begins with the white walkers thus leading up to 7 seasons and finally we get to see them in full action. The last scene of season 7 was the night king destroying the northern wall into shreds. The army of dead have begun marching towards the south for the first time in 8000 freaking years. Most of the countries have come together to fight against the north but there are still some hold ups like Cersei. Check Winter is Here Game of Thrones T shirts here.

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Finally the white walkers are across the wall .We are pretty sure seeing that end scene where the night king with Viserion is completely burning down the wall that things are turning upside down in season 8. Season 8 will also explore the origin of the white walker. There is no way that the night king actually wants to sit on the iron throne. George R.R Martin said earlier the ending would be bittersweet as the Lord of the Rings ended. He also stated that there would be surely huge amount of character deaths but the ending would be peaceful when the winter is gone. GOT is rumoured to be released in early 2019 and till then let’s freak out with crazy theories on how this is going to end.

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