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Gujjar T shirt Vs Gurjar T shirt

Gurjar T shirt

Before we get into the dilemma of whether it should be a Gujjar T shirt or Gurjar T shirt , we should first try to get the difference between Gujjar and Gurjar.

Origin of the word Gurjar comes from the ancient times, where it is believed to have come from the word Gurutar, which was transformed into Gurujan and then later on Gurjar. Not sure what’s the truth behind this, but it has been identified that Gurjars are one of the most ancient fighting clans in India. They are also said to have been among the first to start fight against Britishers for Independence.

Like Rajput, they also hold a very Royal status in the ancient time as they had ruled on the Northern and Western part of India for centuries. Later during the British rule, Gurjars were mostly identified as dacoits as they were troubling the British government and were either prosecuted or had to hide themselves. At the time of Independence it was declared as a tribe. The word Gujarat is also said to come from the word Gurjar. The meaning of Gurjar is said to be ‘Destroyer of the Enemy’, where Gur means Enemy and Jar means destroyer.

At Thecityfans, we believe in creating T-shirts which lets you express your inner emotions freely, which can be joy, pride, happiness etc. Hence, we created Tees for the Gurjar community with both Gujjar T shirt and Gurjar T shirt.

On some research we found that Gujjar is a widely accepted modified version of the name Gurjar, hence lot of people use Gujjar instead of Gurjar. Whatever people may use, their History of bravery stays the same.  Hence, we created T-shirt written with both Gujjar and Gurjar and to our surprise both have been very well received by the community. One interesting thing to know is that on 22nd March, International Gujjar Day is celebrated throughout India, where people from the Gujjar community come together and hold a rally to celebrate the day.

Another interesting thing to learn about this brave community is their Pratihaar sign.

Pratihaar Logo: Also identified as the Gujjar Logo these days

Pratihara was also a clan of Gujaras which ruled Northern India for around four centuries. Not sure if this sign or emblem was used at that point of time, but today this emblem or sign is used as a form of respect for the community and is something which the Gurjar community identifies themselves with. This is also identified as the Gurjar Logo these days.

Here are some of the designs for the Gujjar Tees to flaunt the Gujjar attitude status:

Keep Calm and Let the Gujjar Handle It

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Don’t underestimate the Power of a Gujjar

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Do not fear when Gujjar is here

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Legend Gujjar

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Gurjar Tees

Gurjar Brand

A design that everyone loves to wear. This is the one that symbolizes them and connect them with their history. The famous Gurjar T shirt

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Veer Gurjar T shirt

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Some Trendy Designs:

Cute Couple Gurjar T-shirt:

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Gurjar Moustache

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Gurjar Minimalist (Combination of English and Hindi)

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