Nokia Lumia 640

Buy premium quality Nokia Lumia 640 Case available online in India. We have a varied range of Nokia Lumia 640 Phone Cases and Covers with more than 300+ designs that will be the best suitable for your Nokia Lumia 640 Mobile. Give your phone the protection it deserves for a longer life and your hands the smooth, light and premium feel that it lusts for. Custom designs are also available on demand. For custom covers just email us at or whatsapp us at 9116076050.
Mobile cover features for Nokia mobile Case:
• 3D wrap printed on sides
• Colors that never fade with high resolution
• Hard Matte Finish with a premium feel
• Hard Plastic Polycarbonate but thin and light
• Scratch resistant which as a result keeps it new for long period
• Feel Smooth and great in hand
• 6 Months print warranty
Other Models Available:
• Nokia Lumia 530
• Nokia Lumia 540
• Nokia Lumia 730

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