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Born in May T shirt

If you are born in May and you are looking for that perfect T-shirt that tells that Legends are born in May or Kings are Born in May or if you are a female looking for Queens or Princess are Born in May, then you are at the right place. Click here to buy.

People born between April 20 and May 20 are ruled by the sign Taurus.

Taurus, the Child of Venus

Luxurious and elegant

Gifted with a memory of an elephant

To love all of Life’s fine’s pleasures,

Here I am to acquire all my coffers and treasures.

Beautiful, loving, sometimes stubborn but practical is how people perceive you. Being a son of the creator, Taurus offers you all the creativity you can have, all you need to do is channelize in the right direction. Stay focused and keep jealousy out of your mind and you should reap the fruits of your creativity. You are the money making sign and have the stability and have all the love to offer. So shower your love on others without expectations and let the Karma return you in multifolds.

Let’s have a look at the celebrities with birthdays in May. Some of these are Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, famous personalities, singers, authors, writers, and actors. Don’t forget to watch out as you may be sharing your birthday with someone here.


Legends are born in May

Legends are born in May
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Some of the Legends born in May are:

Dwayne Johnson: 02 May 1972

source: southpawer

Janet Jackson: 16 May 1966

Mark Zuckerberg: 14 May 1984


Queen Victoria: 24 May 1819

source: queenvictoriasjournals

Karl Max: 05 May 1818

source: The Project| A socialist journal

Bob Dylan: 24 May 1941

source: riderblues

Rabindranath Tagore: 15 May 1967

source: shareyouressays

Shri Shri Ravi Shankar: 16 May 1956

source: Youtube


Kings are Born in May

Kings are born in May
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5 Indian Singers born in May

Amrinder Gill: 11 May, 1976

source: Youtube

Manna Dey: 01 May, 1919

source: filmibeat

Remo Fernandes: 08 May, 1953

source: Indiatimes

Pankaj Udhas: 17 May, 1951

source: Youtube

Girija Devi: 08 May, 1929

source: Youtube

Queens and Princess are born in May

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Let’s have a look at the Princess and Queens born in May

Sunny Leone: May 13, 1981

source: Indiatoday

Madhuri Dixit: May 15, 1967

source: Indianexpress

Anushka Sharma: May 01, 1988

source: Indialatest

Zarine Khan: 14 May, 1988

source: indianexpress

Sonal Chauhan: 16 May, 1987

source: indiatoday

Diana Hayden: 01 May, 1973

source: Indianexpress

Jennifer Winget: 30 May, 1985

source: tellydhamaal

Hrishitaa Bhatt: 10 May, 1981

source: mid-day

Aditi Gowitrikar: 12 May, 1976

source: littleredtole

Lakshmi Rai: 05 May, 1981

source: deccanchronicle

Writers/Authors Born in May

Satyajit Ray: 02 May, 1921

source: livemint

Ruskin Bond: 19 May, 1934

source: travellerstories

Jiddu Krishnamurti: 12 May, 1895

source: tomdas

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar: 28 May, 1883

source: intoday

Kazi Nazrul Islam: 24 May, 1899

source: hisdustantimes

If you share your birthday with someone, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section. Now, if you are feeling proud that you share your Birthday with some of the most famous people in the world, celebrities, actors, sportsperson or athletes, then why not flaunt it. Get your Born in May T-shirt here.

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