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Panda T shirt could be your way of saving Pandas

Panda T shirt is our way of bringing awareness about Panda’s at

Yes, you read it correctly above, at Thecityfans we believe it wearing our opinions and express our emotions through our T shirts. Then if we love Panda’s then why not wear Panda T shirt.

Pandas has definitely been an interesting species to learn about but lot of people got to know about them only when they got their share of coverage through mainstream media like through discovery, documentaries and Movies. With fantasy and cartoon movies, awareness about Panda’s has really increased and people have learned it’s really important to save such a wonderful species so that our other generation can also learn about them and experience their craziness.

What you know and don’t know about Panda’s?

Pandas black and white silhouette is for their survival in the snowy forest. This pattern makes their eyes look bigger which makes them threatening to other predators. Well , we know how this great biological plan has come up to be (sarcasm).  Instead this threatening pattern and behavior have made Pandas one of the most cutest thing on this planet. Check out our Panda T shirt which captures their bigger eyes and cute face here

credits: Google

Big eyes trigger the same emotional response in us as when we see their over sized head, that is because of the way we respond when we see our own babies.  We are all born with those big heads and eyes and when we see those features our nurturing and kidding instincts spring into action. Check out our Panda T shirt here that captures the same essence as described above


credits: BBC

Pandas are Crazy. Now this is not a fact . But, what makes them crazy ?  Check out our Crazy Panda T shirt here.

4 Facts that you may already know about Pandas

  1. They are solitary
  2. Tree climbing
  3. Black and white mountain bears that only eat bamboo and
  4. Notoriously difficult to breed .

Now, there are other things that you may not know about them.

4 facts that you may not know about Pandas:

  1. Researches have found they are not able digest the bamboos.
  2. They are not good at sleeping or walking.
  3. They are not even good at sex.
  4. Basically, They are not good at being a panda.

This is one of the biggest examples of evolution lags. Pandas eat up to 12 Kgs daily which they are unable to digest properly. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!

Now if you are feeling, oh I do possess a lot of these things and I’m too feeling really lazy then check out our Lazy Panda T shirt – Just do it later here

                          credits: Seeker

Reason for such weird facts:

What happened is millions of years ago a panda T1R1 gene mutated causing them to lose the ability to taste the deliciousness that comes from the meat. Their appetite system was forever altered!

If your Stomach ain’t good, You ain’t good! Therefore, Pandas can be seen doing crazy stuffs all the time.

So,if you also don’t feel like waking up in the mornings, then you have company here. Check out our I Hate Mornings Panda T shirt here.

Let’s check out some cute and funny things about these Panda’s, the reason we love them so much:

Credits: Youtube | Pandas way of showing love . Cute , Isn’t!


Credits: Youtube | Mr. Kungfu will not give up the ball easily.


Credits: Youtube | Now , This is what I call a top notch parenting!


Credits: Youtube | Pandas love serving you at the door, but in a little weird manner.

Aren’t they cute!

Credits: Youtube

No post can be completed without talking about Kung Fu Panda, the amazing movie series by Dreamworks animation. The way it has presented Panda’s has been really cute and just made people fell in love with them. We also decided to make Kung Fu Panda T shirt which you can check here

How can we contribute in saving Panda’s?

Pandas haven’t gone extinct yet and we humans are the sole reason. But, that does not make things at ease. Pandas are highly endangered. In the matter of fact, we are the one who took their natural habitat i.e China in the first place so saving them is at least what we can do. The good thing is, our efforts seem to be working.

You must be thinking, after all these bla bla what can we do ? We do not have a right to own a panda.

We cannot save the pandas on our own, But we can surely inspire others who can do and bring awareness about them. How is this possible?

It is possible if we carry Panda T shirts as people get to know about them and learn  about them as more peope talk about them. They look cool and wearing them on our Tees definitely makes us look cool. It is possible if we promote those crazy pandas to so much extent that the people who have the power will make it sure to save them. here has an awesome collection of panda tees . We made it sure that you promote panda in a right way and you look good too. Do check out our collections of awesome Panda T shirts.


Valar Morghullis!


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